Monday, April 1, 2013

So Please stay put.

I have no intention to take revenge, or anything that make my health condition getting any worse.Because i am still recovering mode.I knew u were always well known by your killing words.Still I beg please just let me stay happy with the person i need the most.My Husband.My Kids.Me akan doakan baik baik aja buat kamoo.Yes..Its true.

All i ever wanted in my whole life is a peaceful quiet life with my own small family.After what had happened in my life recently,i dont want to waste any second my time without my loves one.U cannot accept it.So be it.
Me maafkan u and i do hope u forgive me too.

For i dont want to make me look bad infront of My angel ADAM who is watching his mommy from afar....
May God Blessed you always.