Tuesday, January 19, 2010

week 13-week 20

hello kiddos!!

Now little A ,mummy nak sambung cerita sewaktu mummy pregntkan kamu from week 13 to 20 .Kiranya sampai second mummy told u before first trimester sangat sangat mencabar iman mummy.despite all the problem we still made it till second trimester tau!!thanks for being a very good baby.Mummy still on dhupaston drug to enhance and strengthen my womb in order for u to hang it there...But mummy still active like i was not preggie at al!!hehehe.i disobeyed dr's prescription.mummy still work on track while carrying u.Sapa kata u will give me not at least i got friend to talk o.And u are the best listener after all.Ok , at age of 16 weeks, mummy already knew your sex status.Infact its quite clear to see your tiny little thingy been dangling along.hehehe.Its a boy.!!!hohoho..Bless from heaven.Oh well at that time mummy tak nak excited sangat coz kamu masih dibawah jagaanNYA.Ape yang mummy mampu buat cume berdoa banyak-banyak agar kamu sentiasa selamat ....Since mummy is all alone , i already start gathering information tak kirala dari other's mum experince , internet, reading books and so on.The dr quite impressed with mummy tau.Since mummy asked him lots lots of question..regarding pre-eclampsia, pre-term labour and of course toxoplasmosis virus that could harm u.Since mummy got cats at home , terpaksa la mummy tanya cat expert.its from mummy 's cat fan club friend.some of them are vet ,and got more then 20 years experince in handling cat.they said it should be no problem as long as extra precaution were taken.Since mummy's cat all indoor type lagila its almost safe for u.hehehe.Syukur.

Mummy still cant feel u squirming inside untill weeks 22.The dr said its normal since u are my first child.First time mother usually wont feel the baby's movement untill week 22 or 23.hehehe.But i am quite worried ok?My prirority is u now coz u are my precious together wif mummy's kitties.

Ok speaking about mummy's appetite..ohohoho, i ate almost everything.and u proved that u are truely malaysians ..hehehe.coz mummy tak crave something awkward
and weird pun.Basically its just durian, manggo , roti jala, nasi kerabu , daging kicap(oh i ate this almost everyday during ramadhan)hehehee.nasi minyak.Mummy dapat chance makan roti jala sepuas-puasnya time mummy balik kampung raya aritu.Your great grandma buat bancuhan and mummy tau!!hehehehe.

Rezeki kamu sebelum lahir pun awal-awal lagi dah senior engineer dah hadiahkan kamu pillow and bolster walaupen mummy at that time baru 22 weeks.dia cakap senang nanti tak yah beli dah.hehehehe.Syukur banyak-banyak.Mumy so very lucky tho mummy jauh dengan abah kamu but mummy surrounded by many good person.Kamu dah ade nenek angkat which is mummy's friend mother yang since mummy pregnant asyik tanya khabar mummy tak putus-putus.Bila mummy datang rumah dia..tudia segala macam lauk dia masakkan untuk mummy..and air mata mummy jatuh setitik.. how i wish ....(never mind)tak leh emo-emo dah.So little A mummy will see u in the next chapter (third trimester) and nanti mummy upload gambar scan kamu ye....Till then please and please stay healthy tau baby.Remember mummy and abah love u so damn much and we cant wait to see your tiny little fingers holding our hand soon.Muah!!