Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Baby??

Hi little 'A"i am not sure to call u little anymore.hehehe.Coz according to doctor u are big. :)
Mummy feel a bit weird today as the pain like period pain i used to have before occured this morning till afternoon.No sign of Bloody show or water broke yet but i still have to take extra precaution so i went to see gynae today..

Little A is fine today, heart beat normal, with lots of water surrounded your home.Meaning no leakage or whatso ever.I had my first upacara seluk menyeluk today as i complained about the pain.Yes baby the dr can feel your head down there engaged but it seems that u still lock your door .No sign of dillation yet.hohohoho.Guess what Dr estimate your weight arround 3.5 kilos!!!Baby u better out before your due date ok not exceed the due date as its going to be a bit tough for mummy to push u out later on... please have mercy on mummy. sob...sob...

According to the scan, you are 39 weeks baby .The actual is 37 weeks.hehehehe.It means that u eat well inside yeah ?tho mummy eat maggie almost every week.Haiyo..takpe la baby as long as u sihat and selamat keluar nanti tau.

Now it seems that the clock is ticking slower then usual or it just mummy want u to see me fast.Aloorr baby tak sabar la...mehla keluar tengok dunia.As mummy cant wait to introduce u to our little fur buddies.inky, aaron, catriona, kitty, and the four musketeers.

Mummy already remind your abah to buy u size S pampers as i doubt u would fit in newborn size.heheheeheh.

Will update later soon.Till then baby hug and kisses from mummy nd abah . muah muah.. :)