Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Third Trimester(Final Stage) Part 1

Chiau Bella kiddos!!

Mummy is back..with the last stage of pregnancy...third trimester.Alhamdullillah mummy is getting bigger and hge and i think bigger then your abah now.Your abah likes to call me a bulldozer ok?ehehehe.Mummy tak kisah coz yang penting u my baby active and healthy in your temporary hotel which is mummy's womb.

Oh yeah mummy got chance to take 4D scan when your age was 22 weeks.aww!!you look so cute sucking your tiny little thumb.Thanks to the advanced technology mummy got chance to see u live in the video, mummy could listen your heart bit and confimed that u were a boy...but mummy couldt figure out u look like me or you abah.hope u look like michael owen or brad pitt.hehehehehehe.

Ok, At third trimester, me an your abah already started searching your need.clothes, bathing equipments,feeding equipments,and your baby sitter when mummy start working later on.thanks to mummy's charm since mummy got lots of friend,finally mummy got somebody to take care of you.heheheh, Syukur.Mummy dont need to crack my head so much as Tuhan answer my prayer ....evrything went smoothly tho mummy is all alone.Rezeki baby agaknya.

Guess what semenjak mummy pregnantkan baby,mummy tend to get so emosional.Hormones...mummy cant stand when people neglect their own child, coz tho u not out yet but mummy feel so protective over u, mummy loves animal so damn much and everyday if mummy stumble upon stra dog mummy would feed them.Now,walaupun anjing tuhan haramkan kita pegang tapi tak salah kalu kita beri kasih sayang dekat mereka k baby?ingat tu.mereka juga makhluk tuhan.

Now u are aprroximately 37 weeks in mummy's womb,Got medical check up every week starting this week.u already engaged ready to go out anytime soon.Mummy already feel the fake contractions quite often now.Everything is ready just waiting u to come out and say hi to mummy and abah.We already decide what to call u .infact mummy already start calling your name.hehehe.And u did respond well when we called u the name.hehehehe.U kick hard, punch hard trying to prove that u are hero eh?oh well everytime u kick and punch mummy feel so happy.And guess what the dr said u going to be big.blame your abah ok?

Baby,i know its no going to be easy for us when u out but mummy promise everything will be just fine.after all we made it till now right?I know u are strong like me, The reason why i still standing here is because of u.U are my strength when abah is far away from me.All i need in my life is u and one else. Till see u in part 2 ok?

Remember u are my precious little one.muah..hug and kisses from mummy and abah. :)