Friday, January 22, 2010

Breast Milk versus Formula milk

hohoho, ini topik mustahak yang mummy kena letak dalam blog nih.First of all i planned to give u fully breast milk (insyaallah) untill 6 months at least.Again thanks to our advanved technology today as mummy found a lot of useful information regarding this matter.

I already told your abah about this matter and he support me 100%.Its a gift from Heaven for u baby which mummy kena bagi jugak.Lucky one of my friend dah dapat degree in lactation course..So if anything mummy just ring her.

So in order mummy nak menjayakan mission ni walaupun keadaan mummy yang bekerja(lucky your baby sitter dekat ngan tempat kerja mummy, mummy can balik to feed u sekejap during rest time) mummy need special gadget.:

1.Breast PUMP.for a time being mummy bought anakku brand manual pump(i know its tiring as namapun manual kan?).bila tengok production mummy ok and budget lebih mummy will go for medela swing.

2.Botol/liner/bekas dadih to stock up your EBM(EBM-EXpress breast Milk).hehehehe

3.Coleman ice box


5. Ice pack.

6.Breast milk Booster-already bought longan and chinese date.fenugreek -akan diconsider later see my production dulu.

So mummy kena extra rajin.All for u laling.Lagipun mummy nak baby rapat ngan mummy spritually not just phisically.

Doa-doa ye baby...mummy promise to eat healthy food (but at the same time can diet a bit).So my boy, mummy dah tak sabor nak memain ngan kamu nih......cepat la kuar sayang..... k?
hug and kisses from mummy and abah. :)