Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beckham's new addition in the family

Ok peeps!Here is the latest news..Porch spice aka Victoria Beckham safely delivered a healthy baby girl last weekend .Woot! Woot!after the fourth attempt , finally the princess is in da house!!!


The baby and mother is fine in LA, They named the gurl Harper.

Welcome to the world Harper!So much more to explore lil one.hehehe

congratulations to the proud Parent. :)

(Semakin membuak-buak perasaan itu.huhuhu)

P/s:Victoria named the baby gurl Harper because actually Harper is the very old English name.Seven because 7 is lucky number, her father's jersey is seven and she was born on the month of July and she weight about 7 pounds..Wow!

So, Baby Harper seven Beckham..your name is sure full with deeper meaning! :)