Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello gorgeous peeps!!

Its mummy azryl on the line right now.hehehe.After a long week of holiday,here we go again, rushing and buzzing to work.Last week i dont have mood to write in in this blog .why?
I kinda have this sad feeling of leaving azryl babysitter.Overall azryl nanny is good.My son always in a cheer mood whenever i fetch him.The thing is next month will be different.Because me and azryl going to move to kl back.Azryl will be with the new babysitter.Like a cry baby, i told his old babysitter that this month would be the last month azryl is going to stay with her.And I just cried wokey!!because to me she is nice lady and like the kids so much.Leaving her is like leaving a dear friend to me.I cant imagine when azryl got his new nanny soon.

At the time when she heard the news she was sad...she kept repeating dont move out...she loves azryl so much.I knew its true....Oh my...what should i the way i only told her that i just want to try first.Because..travelling from nilai to kl sometimes is very tirring.I just want to save time on the road so that i can be with azryl longer.

Anybody here know how to deal with the situation?How to make our child adapt wih the new environtment?Please help me..thanks.