Monday, September 9, 2013

Sekitar di Lapangan Kerja

Hi all,

 me curi-curi update di sebalik lambakan kerja yang memang tak berkesudahan.. :)

Anyway baru baru ni right after cuti hari raya , we finally commissioned first two station yakni Ipoh and Tasek.Ipoh  is actually existing station but there are some additional signal s and stuff to collaborate with the adjacent station iaitu tasek. :)

It took a week to finish and it was successful.I was surrounded with balls and sasauges .ahaks.Sorry being alittle bit nude here but its true!and sangat la mencabar dengan berat setelah menjadi mak orang ni u know?U got to walk 2 or 3 km ulang alik.Disebalik itu kena bertahan di bawah sang mentari.Basically i turned to be roested homo sapiens with extra gravy.hehehehe.

 Here are some piccas i managed to capture while waiting the train to passed by, or while waiting my Team leader to tell me whats the tasks for me that day.:)

Hitam, berlemuih, puas -conclusion for the challenging week  but, i kinda love it because its worth to challenged myself under tense situation.hehehehe.

ngee heehee..till then ya folks!muah