Thursday, May 17, 2012

The beautiful of the strech mark.

Yeah, ain't the marking on your tummy looks beautiful mummies? Its the honouroble gift and a proof that u are a mom.So kenapa takut?kenapa gusar dengan lingkaran , pusaran, garisan merah yang merekah itu?Be proud of yourself and think Positive.According to the books there were no such thing of amount vitamin E can make the stretchmarks gone just like that.Its actually will eventually will fade away after the baby is born. :)
Do not think pregnancy make your life difficult as human being.hehehehehe.If the scars from the C-sections and strechmarks will make u have a cheeky, bunny pumpkin like i had below, i Knew u will think its all worth it.Because that's what i think too. :)

What do u think?
Again be proud of yourself and embrace the moment while the lil' ones in your womb.U will never ever regret every moment ,trust me...