Monday, May 21, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnancy Check Up

Dear baby 'A'

Mummy had an appointment with the doctor today just to see how well u u are in my tummy.Yes!Mummy's weight gain tremendously increase.3 KG in one month?not a good sign actually..

But u are doing just fine up till now.You grow well base on 18 weeks fetus development shuld be.Only your legs slightly longer than an 18 weeks old fetus should be.Overall, u are doing just fine.

Mummy got an appointment again next 2 weeks for the diebetic test.This test will determine wether mummy should undergo an operation during delivery time or not.

Mummy dont really care wether undergo operation for he second time or not.What mummy care the most is both of our conditions is fine .U and me are safe when the times come. :)

So mummy will continue to pray for our safety and u are one healthy baby.Please remember u and abang azryl are the most important thing in my life.And i love both of u tooooooo much.Mummy wont get bored by saying how much i love u.

We will see each other again soon for my next appointment ok?Stay healthy inside baby 'A'.muah


shaliza said...

cepat jer rasa dah 18weeks..mesti dah nampak sangat kan..adik baby dah tahu ke boy@girl?

linziana said...

tak jelas la shaliza....dia malu-malu nak tunjuk.huhuhu