Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Susu Kambing She male goat leh Jadi susu manusia?


I dunno what happened to the scientist now days.were they gone mad or they just bored so they tend to do mad science?

No kidding guys!I've heard in the radio yesterday, recently they've done some researched about making the male goat into female goat and they discovered the milk that produced by this she male goat similar to human milk.

How can it can be similar as human is human.Goat is goat !

Even the spelling is different!hmmph!

Why don't u guys do research how to save our earth by creating a car using air (which air is free)no need to refill every time.No need a station because fuel cost is increasing every month.Instead of trying to be GOD , u better do something good for human being benefit.

Oh my...