Thursday, March 10, 2011

the fiasco that can be made through the the so called technology

I am going to talk about twiter only in this case as i found out its going to be the most awkward and bizarre moment for u and not to forget being humiliate untill the whole malaysia knows about u.

Ok the story is like this on my way back feom work..i always listened to fly fm ..mainly because Prem and zer always made my day and the journey from kuala lumpur towards nilai..not that long.They had this segment called fly flirty..
their job is to hook and connected the two people in this case man and woman..
wether u admire him or her for quiet sometimes ..and u want to know whats the other side think about u...then..just called them.They will contact the person for u.

In this case this woman named jessica has fall into the guy named Lan (or should i say Lancau..excuse for the bad word but i think he is meant ..please read some more to know why i called him that)
She loves him at the first tweet and been for the first date before and decided to take one step closer.She wanted to know what lan felt about her..but she scared.So here we go..called prem and zer and asked for help.Zer did asked her is she ready to face the heart broken after she knew the truth..and jesica said yes.Better now then never.Jes said lan is funny and very easy going(typical type of jerk species and sugar coated mouth speaking man)

Ok so prem called lan and asked him wether he always date the girls from the tweeter friends.

Lan:(with this arrogant attttude)oh i went with few girls but not yet get to catch my attention.

Prem:Did u recently went out with a girl ..u know someone that always replied ur tweet and so on..

Lan:Like i said..there are quiet a few..But before that i have to look at their profile picture first.

Zer:Ok lets be specific , Do u know jesica..what do u think about her...

Lan:Oh jesica..ok i knew her ...

Prem:what do u think bout her? do u , u know want to date with her..later on..

Lan:Well prem..she is one.......i dunno she didnt shave man!!No i didnt have feelings for her

My jaw drop to the max!!What the hell?!!This guy is f*&&&&&* bad.Because jesica heard everything from the other line.

And Prem decide to make the situation getting hot by asking hey which part of her that she didn't shave..? lan said:u know..the part that always can be seen and shine..
Zer interupt:U mean her arm pit or what?!

at the meant time jesica interferred and said:Out of bad things u said i didnt shave???I cant believed u said like that ..sorry i am going to hang
then...beep..beep..beep..jesica gone.Which leaves prem ,zer and Lan.

Zer:Why u saying that Babe?She said u are funny very gentle and so could u?

lan:Thats what guys do..saying sweet thing in order to go out with them..thats what men always do..

prem: Be apologatic to her dude.Go and make an apologetic tweet to her.

Lancau said:yeah man i will.

the end.

U see ?I cant believed such person exists here in MALAYSIA.seriously i felt like smacking that guy till he lose his balls.ok?I am sorry for jesica.

Moral of the story..When the guy talked to u girl especially to all yang tak kahwin cautious.They like to sprinkle sugar coated words to u to get whatever they need.In the end of the day its u girl who suffered.

Better bercinta secara berhemah and remember this Men got nothing to loose but Woman..Everything that she owned would definately dissapeared if she didnt take extra precaution.So beware ladies.!!


Aan Andes said...

Alahai kesiannya. Mmg teruk la si Lan tu. Anyway org yg sweet talker ni mmg selalu main2, sebab they know they can get the attention and girls easily. And kadang2 sebab terbiasa sweet talk, ntah2 dia tak register pun ada yg dia cakap. Come out straight from the mouth without thinking.