Friday, March 11, 2011

Are u sleeping...are u sleeping Brother John?

All the bell are singing ....


As a mummy ..(despites so many challenged i had to face alone)to raise u till u are as big as now...mummy feel at ease..with so little help from your dad seeing u day by day growing turned out to be my best medicine ever for my sick heart.

By seeing u asleep so soundly like this , mummy feel that mummy have an extra energy and the best thing is mummy knew that the next day we both smile at each other again...and had a wonderful day...ahead.

So son..both of us must be hold to each other..and dont u ever let go mummy's hand..or i hold u even thighter..because u are the only my most beloved treasure that i ever had.

P/S: Tomorrow u are going to be 13 months old.Happy 13 months old buchuk-Atam mummy. :)