Thursday, October 28, 2010

How frequent you change baby's bottles?


please share your experienced with me regarding how often you change your baby's bottle ,bottle feeding nipples?

To be honest i changed my baby's bottle nipples every three months.I am using Avent bottle nipples wide neck.Sungguh tahan lasak puting botol Avent ni.I am one of the satisfied happy customer.heheheh.

What are the criteria that u look for in order to change new bottle or bottle nipples?

Mommies ?Please share with us ok especially like me still quiet new in babyhood world. :)


Aan Andes said...

OMG me tak tukar boleh?? I know recommended to change it at least 3 months kan..but idea why I dont do it hehe. Anyway the teats dulu Zahra pakai size 2 (equal to 2 months baby) then tiba2 dia dah 6 months baru terfikir nak tukar, so I change to 6 months and above (sign X for MAM's bottle) but Zahra tak suka ok. I think she is used to 2 months punya so I still using the old teats. Now you are mentioning it, I think I have to buy new teats for Zahra haha