Thursday, March 1, 2012

So how's the proeggo mummy so far?

morning darlingss!

Tommorow is my D-day after 2 weeks of the so impossible for me to pass course.Actually I had exam already in the first week , that was not so bad.But this week , it really push my brain to work out at the maximum limit.Why?Because u need to design a safest route for the train without making passenger in train facing a terrible accident.Not just that , u need to think there are also good train , express train well.With my body not that well due to the pregnancy, i felt exhausted to the max...everyday.

But the weirdest part of my pregnancy this time is i feel more calm than usual.I love to laugh despite my morning sickness, I feel happy.Walupun ade sok-sek sok-sek kata are u ready for the second one?How's your financial?I believed setiap anak ada rezekinya.Its a gift from GOD and u dare to questioned His Will?I feel so blessed because once again i am not alone.Baby #2 is accompany me everywhere i go.There is a life in my womb.And This happiness is shared together with his/her abang long azryl.

Azryl a bit cranky bila i baru tahu i pregnant.Dia lebih manja.merengek pun iye jugak. :) tak kisah.Apa aja yang dia nak buat me bagi.sepahkan rumah, main air, huhu..Because time me ada dengan dia is the only time yang dia boleh bermanja dengan me.The rest dia dengan babysitter..sian dia...

Will update about the pregnancy soon after me buat appointment with gynae later.
Till then darlingss.muah!!


m@ri@ said...

ms maria dpt tau preggy marissa dlu pn maria gelabah soal husband ckp tiap anak ada rezeki..dan dia aqil dlu pn manja gila ms maria preggy..tu namanya sindrom nak dpt adik..haha..