Friday, February 17, 2012

I'll be away for quiet sometimes...

No! No! No!In case u are thinking that i am going to over sea then u are wrong.Hehehe
Actually, i have to attend a two weeks course in KL .It is part of enhancing my career as a railway engineer.It sure tough as it consists a lot of railway knowledge.huhuhu..
And the instructor is so strict u know...

I forced myself to study every day last year when i was attending the Railway route interlocking course.The reason is He will always randomly
asked the question every morning, and in case u failed to answer ,U know u are not going to make it.Phew!Lucky i pass. :)

Anyway, since will be away for two weeks to concentrate my study,there will be no update for a while in my blog.Tho i will try to update if i can.. :).

Lastly happy weekend and i am going to miss u all especially my dear blogger friend, mummy aqil, mummy najibah, mummy zara and emir, mummy hariz(moonchild)..hehehe.

Pray for me ya?kalu tak kena repeat woo..tak kuasa.

love ya!!


Aan Andes said...

Wahh in KL! Ada harapan tak kita berjumpa? Hehehe.. concentrate ok! Jangan rewang2 :P All the best lin!

Salina@IbuAqil said...

Miss u dear..
Best of luck..
TC & Happy Weekend!! ;)

shaliza said...

InsyaAllah...moga berjaya.