Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend with The Cheeky Cempedak.

Oh my!

What can i say about my tremendous weekend?Hubs not around..With this cheeky boy with me, my weekend sort of happening unlike before , i usually have a wonderful cozy weekend ..watching korean drama, with nescafe and biscuits..wondering alone at shopping complex..till evening..

But since I got the tile mom..everything changed bit by bit.And of course !with my hwang teja aka cempedak,Thanks to him, no more korean drama in the morning unless when he is sleeping, and nescafe too.

He is close to two years old now.If i got baby gurl then it is easy.Ask her to color the books, main masak-masak, play dress up or what so ever.But boys?

I got to be like one!My son is an action guy of type.Like to play balls, playing with his mini car tyres,love to dance.

So u bet!i was dancing crazily with him, play balls at the park with him, Let him splash my whole house with water...He love to pour the water in the bottle ..too.

And the result?my whole body is aching!hehehe.Got to mop the whole house because its too slippery, he took bath 5 times a day.!

Oh my! But i managed to teach him a bit and he begin to like books!hohoho,..kalu dulu buku tu ibarat boomerang dia.Sesuka hati campak not that easy to make him to read u know.He only love to read when i make crazy sound especially the sound of vehicle.Mummy jadi clown sekejap.With the, pon,he love it!And the animal too.He cannot tell the word exactly but when i say , cat bunyi mcacam mana?he will say meow..heheheh..

Anyway, i got to be prepare my stamina to handle this one active boy.Surely my weekend is not like before.I got to be jumping running, dancing alot with this cheeky cempedak.Kenapa cempedak.Bila dia pakai rompres macam cempedak kena balut.hehehehe. :)

Can't wait this weekend to come.this time with the father.Rasakan la laki oi!!Sila berjogging bersama anak anda while me?I am going to be sitting and watching only while drinking fresh lemonade nanti ye???miaahahahahahahahahah(gelak dark witch)


Salina@IbuAqil said...

Comelnya dia..
Bam2 pipinya.. ;D