Monday, May 9, 2011


Balano-posthitis describes inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin (prepuce) in uncircumcised males.Although the etiology is multifactorial in children, balanoposthitis typically results from poor hygiene that is sometimes complicated by secondary infection.

(similar to this picture googled.Azryl 's was darker than that.Because its nearly spread to other part)

(Ok, hi peeps.. that was the introduction of my entry today as my precious azryl was admitted again in the hospital due to the disease called balano-Posthitis.
The penis will become swollen and the worst case is they cant pee normally as the urine will stuck in the penis.Therefore urine catheter must be inserted in the penis so the urine can come out.But luckily my boy does not come to that stage yet.So here we go again...he was admitted last wednesday because i found out his penis turned to dark red in color.At first i thought it was normal..maybe the ant very jealous to his penis and bite it.Ok..
But when the doctor open his diapers , he was shocked and straightly said to me " I'm sorry mommy i need to admit your son again".He added"It's very serious because if we didn't take action fast enough ..your son will be in pain.."

I couldn't say anything and again..i just sign the admission form.Lucky my husband was there at that time.We got to rush to pack everything by 5 pm.The Paed need to set a drip for him.Pity my boy.After series of antibiotics infact he still on antibiotics now..the swollen disappeared .

This infection occurred due to the previous disease..which he kept vomiting and having bad diarrhea last week.

Its a lesson learn for me.I just can't bear seeing my son in pain.I hope he will get better soon.(I am so worried now as he got cough and flue after discharged from the hospital last saturday..oh my one after another..)

So peeps take care.. I'll try to update later.Lot of things i want to share with u guys but time does not permit me to do so.Miss u guys.alottttt....


far.Ha.Na said...

hope your son will get well soon...