Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PMS or Preggo?

Seriously i myself confuse about this two scenario.Woman Body has been designed by God in a unique way.

U think u pregnant but actually it is a sign that ur best friend going to visit u any time and vice verse.

Honestly I've been trying for several month but still no luck in my bambino quest.

Still, keep trying and no giving up is the key right?

Ok la ..actually what i am going to write is i want to list all the pms symptoms that are very much similar to early pregnancy symptoms.So those who are ttc (trying to conceive).. listen to the body carefully.Because we women have this special instinct telling that u are actually preggo.

PMS Symptoms:

1.Headache -similar to early pregnancy ..lightheaded..

2.Acne- this happen to me when i was pregnant to azryl

3.Bloated- hoho..yes definitely for early pregnancy..(it happened to me)

4.Lower abdomen cramp.-mild pain but sometimes it could be painful as the fertilized
ovum is trying to lining up with the uterus

5.Back ache -first trimester i did feel it but very mild.But in pregnancy it
will increase gradually as the uterus is stretching up for the baby to
snug in.

6. Nausea- Yep usually it happen in the first trimester and last trimester

7.Food craving- Some women do eat a lot.but can't really tell as different pregnancy
different symptom

8.Spotting - brownish kinda discharge ..i consider it as blood..happen maybe
because of the implantation bleeding or its a sign of your period
going to start soon enough

Breast enlarge and tender- This is similar symptom for pms and pregnancy.

There u me its very confusing.

So like usual.. i will wait till the period late about a week and then rush to the drug store and do the test.Funny thing is when i was pregnant to azryl..i thought that i've bought various brand of tests and all came back negative till i was 8 weeks pregnant.

So dont worry ladies.Maybe u are pregnant but the HCG level is too low to be detected by normal HPT tests.

Thats why they encourage us to do several tests to make sure the result is accurate.
If still worried consult your gynae.

Right now i am collecting baby dust as much as i can.

Till then love...


Salina@IbuAqil said...

Gud luck dear.. Insya'allah kalau ada rezeki x kemana.. ;) ina doakan moga berjaya!!!! ;))))))))

linziana said...

mecih ibu aqil..sebenarnya HANYA DIA MAha Mengetahui kan.heheheh.