Monday, February 8, 2010

Last week of pregnancy hapdet

Salam Little A, ni minggu last actually u duduk dalam perut mummy nih...nape cayang tak mau keluar lagi..i know its going to be tough once u out but mummy and abah are dying to c u my dear....i wish i could bring u forever in my womb..yela u safe wif me .....tapi mummy nak tengok baby rupa macam siapa.mummy ke abah..hehehehe hope u look cumel, sihat, and cukup sifat.

since the due date is getting closer, mummy feel so nervous,i really hope i can be a good mother,a good friend to u..i want to share my life experience wif u..i want u to feel safe with me..
now baby what i can do now is pray to HIM..hope everything will smooth soon.i know u are one tough boy.u will be like me.tough and not a quitter.mummy and abah loves u with all of our heart...

stay healthy ok son?